Thursday, 13 October 2011

VW Passat TDI, PD engine. One lucky customer.

This car was brought to the workshop by the AA when it broke down with an alternator fault. On inspection it was found that the alternator had seized up and thrown its drive belt. Before fitting a replacement unit and new belt we advised the customer to have the timing belt checked while it was easy to remove the covers.
The following pictures are what we found, caused by the auxillary belt shredding.

We could not believe that the timing belt had not snapped or jumped, which would have caused major damaged to the engine.

Waynes Car Picture one year on.

                          One year on,changed wheels and roof painted satin white.

2007 Astra Van. Clutch Vibration.

This van came in with a very bad clutch judder when pulling away and vibration at speed.
On removing gearbox and inspecting dual mass flywheel and clutch we were amazed that the motor was still able to be driven.

                      This picture shows how far off centre the fly wheel had worn
Dual Mass rivets had to be drilled out and outer part of flywheel removed to allow access to crankshaft bolts.

                          This picture shows the amount of wear on the outer part of flywheel. After replacing the complete flywheel and clutch assembly the motor was judder and vibration free. If the customer had had the van looked at when he first noticed a problem it would have saved him a lot of expense.